A career at NWS follows the company philosophy of Quality over Quantity. We simply grow only with the right people and the right clients. Our output drives the business, which in turn attracts world-class talent and brands.

If you are dynamic, confident, an entrepreneur at heart, and gel well with others, then we want to hear from you! We look for smart people who have the zeal to change the world.
If you would like to know more about the kind of people we are inviting to be a part of our organization, read on...

Are You...?

Are you looking for a "different" type of work environment where your individualism and brilliance are understood and appreciated?

Do your unusual education qualifications (or lack of a formal degree) leave you out of "large" company selection processes?

Are you the type who stays up all night to innovate and to deliver excellence?

Are you a self learner who reads up, experiments and makes his own way?

Do you prefer to work in a self-organizing team without having a "manager" peering over your shoulder and don't care about the designation as long as you get to roll your job?

Do you want to contribute to the tangible success of a company where your ideas are not only welcomed but rewarded?

Do you hear voice in your head suggesting you are made for greater things?

We are in the process of building an environment where innovation thrives and this translates into best-in-class services. We are looking for mavericks who are A+ players at what they do. We want people who can walk on water.

Your educational background does not matter. Your nationality, religion, gender, sexual orientation or dressing habits do not matter. All that matters are that you believe in the following values-

Commitment to your team's and organization's growth
Self Belief
Professional Integrity
Demonstrated Social Responsibility

So if you have got these traits and the capability to perform, do mail your CV to:


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